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You can call SET Performance at (904) 992-2001


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In addition to training athletes of all age and skill level, SET Performance is also heavily involved in the Jacksonville community. We work with a number of local charities who operate throughout Florida to assist children with getting off the streets and back into school using sports as a bridge to a professional career and positive life. Jerrian Sanders serves on the board of two such charities and he is also heavily involved in running The Factory Fitness and Sports Performance Center in Jacksonville, Florida.

One such charitable foundation, City Streets to Student Athletes, was established to deter athletic students from drugs and crime and develop them into productive student athletes. Regardless of financial or ethnic backgrounds, student athletes were (and still are) facing daily challenges to try illegal drugs, and by doing so, were not exposed to positive life skills and character development, hindering their ability to reach their full potential.

The founding coaches and mentors recognized that there was an epidemic taking place across America. This collective group of community leaders came together and cultivated a strategic methodology to assist the student athletes in becoming productive members of society. CSSA has launched a drug-free pledge campaign to educate and support student athletes on living a drug-free life.