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You can call SET Performance at (904) 992-2001


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SET Performance Programs

Jerrian Sanders has been training athletes all over the world for the past eight years. During this time, he used the qualifications he gained in Kinesiology, the science of your body and motion, to help hundreds of professional athletes become exponentially better at their chosen sport and specialization. The amount of time that Jerrian has spent working with world-class athletes has allowed him to become a master of sports training and an expert in this field of high-performance athletes.

By understanding the physiology of the human body, a program can be implemented to systematically develop weight loss or athletic development programs.

SET Performance offers a variety of programs and services including:

  • Individual weight loss advice and programs
  • Physical Performance Classes
  • Individual training for athletes of all levels
  • Small group training for teams

If a more personalized program is desired, each training package includes:

  • Scientific analysis of your body type
  • Evaluation of your current fitness and setting reachable goals
  • Developing a specific, a custom-made program designed to increase your strength, agility, endurance, or any combination of the above

At SET Performance, a leader in the field of sports performance in the United States, we will design an intensive and elite program that will break new ground in your athletic career and take you to levels you previously never imagined. By pushing your physical and mental limits, the challenges you go through will take your game to the next level. You will take part in a tailor-made program that will grow your physical and mental strength, agility and endurance.

Skills to Make You Better

SET Performance has the skills and the training to make you an all-out better athlete, whether you need endurance, strength or dexterity. Our background and training in kinesiology, the study of the human muscular-skeletal system, has allowed us to understand the motion of the human body on a level where we can create a customized program based on pure science that will make you a better athlete. The program will push your limits, test your endurance, strength and agility beyond levels you ever imagined, and it will break new ground in your health and fitness by taking you to physical and mental heights.


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