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You can call SET Performance at (904) 992-2001


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Combine Training

Combine training can be the perfect off-season preparation for athletes. Combines are used to display a player’s overall athleticism in events such as the 40-yard dash, pro shuttle, vertical and broad jumps, and the bench press. Combines can make or break athletes depending on how well they perform. SET Combine Training can help improve performance at these events by increasing an athlete’s speed, agility, muscular strength and power, upper body strength, and endurance. Through repetition you can develop the muscle memory necessary to master combine training techniques.

For example, your 40 yard dash can improve significantly if you have a good start. One of the techniques used at SET Performance is the falling start drill. This drill is used to get your body accustomed to the forward lean that you will need in order to maximize the acceleration phase of the sprint. The forward lean forces your legs to move faster than they are used to moving. Doing this drill continuously will help develop muscle memory, ensuring that they will adapt to the speed and effectively perform at that level all the time.

SET Performance has a very detailed combine training that has helped put high school athletes on the radar of college coaches as well as improve draft stock of college athletes.