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You can call SET Performance at (904) 992-2001


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Physical Performance Classes

Our Physical Performance Classes (PPC) are designed for everyone!!! Whether you are an individual just getting off the couch or a person who is already fit, PPC’s will take you to the next level. Our classes are designed to have individuals work at a pace that is comfortable but challenging. We create an environment that allows for beginners to gradually progress and not feel like they are holding up the class.

Classes are designed to: 

-Challenge range of motion

-build strength and stability but not bulk

-joint integrity

-injury prevention

Our program also keeps in mind the physical demands of everyday life, addresses areas of weaknesses, and practices injury prevention.

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Individualized Personal Training

Individual training for the Fitness and Wellness program are customized for YOU!!! We begin with baseline testing which incudes:

-VO2 max test

-Functional Movement Screening

-Ultra sound technology to find body composition



-Resting blood pressure

Programs are derived based on your anatomical and physiological make up. Individuals who are overweight may not be able to handle the rigors of a cardio intensive program. So in the beginning we focus on the joint strength, mobility, stabilization and a multitude of exercises that help increase their work capacity. Once in shape you will perform the most efficient and effective cardio exercises workouts to reduce fat, burn calories, increase your metabolism, decrease your resting heart rate, reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improve mood & self-confidence.

Corporate Wellness

SET will come to your office and create a gym just for your employees! We have corporate fitness programs designed to motivate and inspire your employees to achieve the best results in productivity for your business.