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"Ready, SET, Transform"

Sanders Elite Training Performance is a leader in the health, wellness, and sports industry. SET's commitment to providing you with the most accurate solutions to help you reach your fitness goals are second only to the commitment to you make to yourself for progress. Our reputation at SET Performance precedes us. We have, and continue to provide substantial results and improvements to some of the country's top athletes. Our vision is to continue this guidance with an even greater focus on people looking to achieve overall health and wellness goals. Because each program is personalized, all nutrition and training guidelines will reflect that of your goal.

The "Ready, SET, Transformation" Package includes: Body Composition Test ($75): We use ultrasound technology to ensure the most accurate readings, this is what gives us the science behind You. The test gives a breakdown of Fat/ Muscle/ Water. In addition, we are able to determine what negative health issues you may be at risk for do to excess fat storage. Customized Workout Plan ($150) Customized Nutrition Information ($100): Meal planning strategies will be included Supplements: ($95) Includes Protein and a natural fat burner. FMS (Functional Movement Screening) ($125)- Participants with prior injuries that haven't fully recovered must consult a physician that we may speak with on your injuries and limitations and are required to complete this screening and will not be admitted in the program without it.

The Cost: $250 or $325 with FMS screening (Each $220 in savings)

For more information, contact Alex - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.